BeaTunes 5.2.32 Crack + License Key Free Download [Latest]

BeaTunes 5.2.32 Crack + License Key Full Version Free Download

BeaTunes Crack

BeaTunes Crack also known as BeatTunes or Tagtraum Industries BeatTunes. It is an iTunes library management tool with features to clean iTunes song data and a tool to detect DJ BPM. BeatTunes easily detects typos and spelling differences in songs, artist names, albums, and more. REM and REM no longer appear in your iPod’s artist list.

BeaTunes is an app for creating a well-organized and analyzed music library on your Mac. Typically, this is done by helping you troubleshoot your iTunes library. Looks for inconsistencies that may be causing problems for your business and provides options to resolve conflicts.

BeaTunes Crack is more than just a Mac iTunes replacement for playing your favorite music. The program also offers several features to help you analyze your music collection, organize your music, and more.

You can import your iTunes library or any music folder on your Mac. You can then use BeatTunes to analyze the uploaded music and find duplicate or misspelled song titles. Another great feature is that you can set the player to automatically skip certain parts of a song and only play the parts of the song that you like. Very few audio players offer this useful feature.

One downside is that the utility takes a long time to import new music into your existing library, even if you only load a small number of audio files. Additionally, the program can consume a lot of CPU resources, especially when syncing saved music to your iTunes library.

If your iTunes music library keeps getting big and crowded and you just can’t find the time to organize it, BeatTunes can be a big help. BeaTunes Full Version is an add-on for iTunes that automatically reorganizes your music library and suggests creating new albums and playlists when necessary.

BeaTunes Crack scans and analyzes your media library for different aspects of each track, such as color and bitrate, and finally suggests ways to sort and improve your media library. BeatTunes is an advanced music application for Windows and OS X that allows you to analyze, explore, play music and create stunning playlists.

BeatTunes helps you find the best songs for the playlist projects you’re working on. You can start with a single song, suggest suitable songs based on your own rules, or even create an entire playlist. BeatTunes is a cross-platform music management software that allows you to optimize your music library, improve your playlists, and perform detailed analysis of your music files.

Developed by Tagtraum Industries, BeatTunes stands out as a comprehensive tool for music lovers, DJs and music professionals. The software uses cutting-edge technology to analyze music metadata, identify duplicates, detect BPM (beats per minute), and create curated playlists to help you unlock the full potential of your music library. It will be an indispensable companion for anyone who wants to listen to music.

A media library where you can play and organize your music collection, as well as sort and create custom playlists. Your music collection is constantly growing and changing, especially if you want to stay up to date with different artists and their latest albums. The downside to always keeping the latest versions is that your library can become cluttered and cluttered if you don’t constantly rearrange it to your liking.

In conclusion, BeaTunes on Mac is worth trying, especially if you have a large music collection. It runs faster on your computer and its built-in features make organizing your music library much easier than other standard Mac tools.

Features & Highlights:

  • Move semantically through the song, from paragraph to paragraph.
  • Automatically determines BPM (beats per minute).
  • Automatically determines the key of the song.
  • Sort existing playlists so that the right songs follow each other.
  • Create a playlist, a playlist based on one or more sample songs.
  • Search your music collection for songs that match the currently selected song.
  • In iTunes, find all songs with an exclamation point and delete them from your library.
  • Find duplicates using acoustic fingerprinting.
  • Automatically detects BPM (beats per minute) and saves results to iTunes
  • Tracking search metadata with voice fingerprinting
  • Check and fix your music library (typos, incorrect genres, rating, errors, missing files or exclamation point issues, iTunes, etc.)
  • Create a comparison list, a playlist based on one or more sample songs.
  • Sort the list of found songs to combine them with other songs.
  • Search for songs from your music collection that match the currently selected song
  • Discover albums that are not in your music collection but complete them
  • Always up to date via Amazon Album Charts™
  • Automatically detects the tone of music.
  • Classification of songs by timbre.
  • Automatically set music start and end times based on music volume.
  • Create blog posts on with playlists and your favorite songs.
  • Tag your music as
  • Find the language of lyrics already stored in iTunes
  • Set the BPM and save the result to iTunes.
  • Intelligent music analysis: Thoroughly analyze your music files to identify BPM, pitch and musical characteristics.
  • Automatic BPM Detection: Easily detect beats per minute to sync and mix music perfectly.
  • Mood and Key Detection: Identify the mood and key of each track in a curated playlist of companion songs.
  • Metadata and Graphics Fix – Ensure accurate metadata and album art for your polished music library.
  • Song Similarity: Identify similar tracks based on their musical characteristics and find songs with a similar mood.
  • Smart Playlist Creation – Create dynamic playlists based on customizable rules and criteria.
  • Duplicate Detection: Effectively identify and remove duplicate titles to optimize your storage space.
  • Music Player Integration – Seamlessly integrates with popular music players to make it easy to manage your music library.
  • Customizable Analysis and Options – Provide users with options to fine-tune the analysis process.
  • Cross-platform support: Available for Windows, macOS and Linux to ensure compatibility between different operating systems.

BeaTunes License Key

What’s New?

  • The responsiveness of the test panel is consistently below average.
  • Fixed time signature renderer.
  • Fixed deletion of orphaned playlists.
  • Improved Windows variable storage environment.
  • Improved album spelling and title checking.
  • Improved robustness of folder-based syncing.
  • Automatically detects BPM and saves iTunes results.
  • Find tracking metadata using acoustic fingerprinting.
  • View and configure your music library.
  • Search your music collection for songs that match the current song.
  • Keep Amazon charts up to date.
  • Instantly recognize the key of the song.
  • Classification of songs by tone.
  • Automatically sets the start and end time of the song based on the length of the song.
  • Create your own playlists and music blog posts on
  • Sets the compliance range for the download value bits per minute rate.
  • Added missing Wikipedia icon.
  • Pre-generated icons have also been added.
  • Fixed reimport of embedded ReplyGain tags.
  • The JAudio Cligging program library has also been updated.


  • Fix your iTunes library: If your iTunes library contains a lot of music, there is a good chance that at least some albums are misclassified. For example, an artist can appear as two different artists on iTunes. Another common problem is that albums are split up instead of being recorded as a single album. BeatTunes looks for such errors in its library and offers options to fix them.
  • Advanced analysis options: If you are looking for a powerful tool to help you create playlists, BeatTunes can meet your needs. Analyze your entire library and keep track of the key and BPM of each song. This allows you to create playlists with songs similar in time or hormones.


  • Confusing menus: To understand the advanced features of BeatTunes, you may need to access Help or FAQs. The program doesn’t have an intuitive path, requiring you to navigate through menus to do more than basic exploration.
  • System Slowdown: When you run BeatTunes, you will notice that your entire system slows down. It kept trying to sync with iTunes, which often caused delays.

BeaTunes License Key:





System Requirements:

  • System: Windows 7 / Vista / 7/8/10
  • RAM: Minimum 512 MB.
  • HHD space: 100 MB or more.
  • Processor:2 MHz or faster.

How to Install BeaTunes Crack?

  1. Download the software and run the installation file.
  2. Click “I Agree” to continue.
  3. Select the installation method and click “Next”.
  4. Change the installation folder and click “Next”.
  5. Select the components and click Install to start the installation.
  6. After setup is complete, click Close.
  7. Done! Enjoy it.


If you have a huge iTunes library with a lot of competition, BeatTunes may be the fastest way to quickly organize your library. However, using this program can slow down your computer and may be a little confusing the first time you use it.

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